Active foam wax - contactless 5 l


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Active foam wax - contactless 5 l

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SBS Active foam wax - contactless

Preparation for contact-free cleaning. It is an alkaline detergent with wax, designed especially for washing cars, trucks and buses. Leaves a protective layer of wax on car paint. With admirable ease removes all kinds of insects and other dirt from paint and does not damage it. The wax protects the paint, prolongs its life and thanks to him, the water runs off easily from the bodywork and gives it shine. This product is 100% biodegradable! It can be used in a spray, pressure, foam-forming systems or for hand washing.

Application: Dilute with water in ratio 1:20. Apply the diluted mixture to the surface and leave it a minute to work. Before the mixture is dry, thoroughly wash it off with strong stream of water. For washing lightly soiled vehicles, use a ratio of 1:25 to 1:50.

Recommended dosage 1:20.

Also available in 1 l and 20 l packs.

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